Physical Damage Insurance

Physical damage losses can cause more financial hardship for a trucker than any other type of loss.

Most insurance companies write comprehensive and collision coverage with a $1,000 deductible which is good, basic coverage. However, the pain can start with your tow bill. Some insurance companies offer what appears to be a good coverage, but they limit towing to a percentage of the insured value. The quality of coverage diminishes if they limit towing to a specific dollar amount, leaving you with a huge tow bill. You can lose income waiting for your truck to get repaired because your insurance company is in no rush to pay the repair shop – all the while leaving you waiting to get back on the road.

Don’t you want better service than that? Here at Jeffers Insurance, we offer you superior coverage and responsive services.

No one gets up in the morning thinking they will be in an accident, but we believe you should. You should question whether the physical damage coverage you have is adequate. Ask your current provider these pointed questions: How quickly does my company assign an adjuster to appraise my truck? How quickly do they pay the claim after the repairs are completed? How do they handle additional damage found after my unit is repaired?

Jeffers Insurance has a long track record of exceptional service to the trucking industry. We can offer important additional coverage beyond the basic physical damage coverage for electronic equipment, personal property, miscellaneous equipment like tarps, tie-downs and chains. Diminishing deductibles and towing due to mechanical breakdown and gap coverage are all important coverages that can save you thousands when your truck is wrecked. All of these extra coverages are available today. Do you have them?

Call Jeffers Insurance today to speak with one of our agents to get the physical damage insurance you need and deserve. Trucking is all we do.