Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

Trucking is a high-risk business with a very real potential for catastrophic losses. It can happen in the blink of an eye on any road, anywhere, regardless of the weather or traffic. Primary truck liability insurance can be the difference between staying on the road and financial ruin.

If you own one truck or a large fleet, primary trucking liability insurance coverage is essential. The state of Texas requires a minimum limit of $500,000 CSL per tractor-trailer for all intrastate carriers operating within the state. The US DOT requires a minimum limit of $750,000 CSL per tractor-trailer for interstate carriers operating long haul. However, the majority of all truckers regardless of their radius and filings carry a minimum limit of 1,000,000 CSL. This is because most shippers and freight brokers require the 1,000,000 limit before they will load you to haul their freight.

At Jeffers Insurance we understand your business. When you work with our professionals we will go over your current policies and limits. Then we will go to work for you making sure that we protect you with the right coverage and limits and get you the very best price. Some basic factors that go into quoting your company are:

  • Garaging Location
  • Radius
  • Type of Carrier
  • Driver MVR & Experience
  • Age of Equipment
  • Loss Experience

So, if you own a trucking company in Texas give us a call. We can save you money while offering the very best truck liability coverage. We represent all the major trucking insurance companies writing truckers in Texas. We look forward to working with you.