Non Trucking Liability Insurance


Non-trucking liability insurance, also referred to as deadhead or bobtail insurance, covers your truck while you’re not on dispatch.

There are plenty of times when your truck is being driven but not hauling anything. Returning after you drop your trailer, going to get maintenance, or using your truck for personal transportation are all instances when an accident can happen. Trucking companies or fleets generally carry the burden of insurance when they dispatch you to make a delivery, but their coverage stops there. That’s why all owner-operators need bobtail insurance.

At Jeffers Insurance, we work exclusively with truckers. We know the business and the particular needs of drivers. When you come to us, we first gather information about your truck, your employer, and your driving habits. Then we will put together an affordable solution that protects you when you are driving without a trailer.

You really need to fully protect your assets and livelihood every time you’re on the road. Give us a call today or fill out the form on this page to learn more about bobtail insurance.